About Us


We are a multi-disciplinary firm of specialist consultants who provide integrated strategic consulting services to companies, businesses and organizations. We offer creative and innovative business and organizational improvement solutions and interventions. We specialize in business and organizational establishment, incubation, growth and development, business engineering, business optimization, business turnaround strategies, business process engineering, organizational restructuring and alignment, leadership training and development, coaching and mentoring and business skills development. Our solutions and interventions always address business and organizational challenges relating but not limited to, structures, policies, values, systems, processes, procedures, vision, mission, goals, objectives, aims, strategy, plans, budgets, functions, roles, duties, responsibilities, relationships, knowledge, skills, experience, creativity and innovation. While our services are offered to any company, business or organization that requires our services, we have a specialist interest in emerging or starting businesses and organizations, small, medium and macro enterprises, black owned, black directed and black managed companies and businesses owned by Christians, churches, organizations and ministries that exist to promote the Kingdom of God.


Our vision is to become the leading Christos-centric multidisciplinary and specialist consulting firm in Africa. Our mission is to equip, empower and transform organizations to function optimally and maximally in pursuit of their visions and in their quest to achieve their mission and objectives.  Our objective is to provide creative and innovative solutions and divine interventions designed to improve the strategic, tactical and operational effectiveness and efficiency of organizations. Our aim is to improve the capacity of organizations to operate for impact and with impact, meaningfully and holistically fulfilling their mission and purpose.  Our work, business activities and engagements are governed by Christos-centrism. Humility and meekness are paramount in our relationships and all our dealings are underpinned by love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness gentleness and self-control. 


Our work, business activities and engagements are governed by Christos-centrism. Humility and meekness are paramount in our relationships and all our dealings are underpinned by love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness gentleness and self-control.  We approach our work with the mind and heart that it is a calling. We believe that although we are responsible to our clients for what they engage us to do for them; we are ultimately accountable to God for everything we do. We consider ourselves to have been deployed on earth to be the “light and salt” of organizations. We, therefore, approach all our engagements with Solomonic excellence and with the resolve to change things for the glory of God. A spirit of servant hood permeates all of our customer relationships. We ensure that the services, interventions and solutions that we provide are customer focussed and customer oriented. We make it our business to familiarise and acquaint ourselves with the business of our clients before determining the scope of our services or recommending an intervention or providing a solution. In this way we are able to provide personalised services, tailor-made interventions and customized solutions to our clients.


A fee is applicable for each stage of our involvement or engagement in accordance with our 7D Methodology. A consultation fee is payable for Stage 1. Needs assessment fees apply to Stage 2. Stage 3 attracts fees for business health audit and risk assessment. Stage 4 fees are solution and intervention development fees while Stage 5 fees are solution and intervention deployment fees. Stages 6 and 7 attract a combined fee for reporting. Generally, however, our fees are based on the amount of time spent on a matter. Our fees are adjusted depending on factors such as the complexity of the matter, the priority that a client would like us to accord to a matter, the expertise required to perform the matter, the type and nature of the matter, the speed with which the matter is completed and the extent to which our client’s objectives are met. We also consider and agree on a “flat fee” for an assignment. Such a fee is negotiated with a client in advance and ahead of an assignment, taking into account all surrounding circumstances and relevant factors. Our invoices distinguish between profession fees and disbursements. All disbursements are for the account of the client. We always do require a deposit to cover disbursements. Our fees are payable immediately upon receipt of an invoice or as soon as possible thereafter


Our stable of consultants comprises seasoned professionals who are specialists in their fields of practice. Our consultants include specialist legal practitioners, corporate governance specialists, compliance specialists, human capital development specialists, business training specialists, enterprise and supplier development specialists, specialist management consultants, business coaches and mentors, accountants, risk management specialists, specialist researchers and many more such experts. We work with a number of like-minded persons and organizations who provide services which complement or supplement our service offering. These relationships immensely benefit our clients who, by engaging our organization, have immediate access to an extended pool and network of specialist knowledge, skills and experience. From time to time and depending on the nature of the solution and intervention recommended, we do bring in such like-minded persons and organizations to enrich our work. At all times these persons and organizations work under our auspices and are always subject to the terms and conditions of our engagement with the client.


We use a 7D methodology to ensure that the services, interventions and solutions that we recommend, deploy and deliver are customer-focused and customer-oriented. Businesses are not the same. Companies differ from one another. Organizations come in different shapes and sizes and pursue different visions. But, all of them work to create value for their stakeholders. We, therefore, make it our business to familiarise ourselves with a company and business that we work with before providing a solution or recommending a form of intervention. In this way we are able to provide personalised service and customized solutions to our clients. 

Stage 1: Decide

Our process starts off with a consultation with the leaders of the organization. We present our service offering and value proposition to them. We also provide the leadership with requisite information to enable them to make a decision to engage our firm.

Stage 2: Define

Once a decision has been made to engage our firm further consultations take place between our firm and the leadership of an organization. The purpose of these consultations is to properly define the needs and requirements of the organization. Once this is done an engagement letter that defines the scope of work to be performed is prepared and signed by the leadership of the organization concerned.

Stage 3: Diagnose

The diagnosis stage entails the audit, review and assessment of the business health of the organization. This involves the conduct of a desk top due diligence evaluation of the organization. We also conduct a risk assessment of the organization in order to determine the risk profile of the organization. A variety of documents on the organization are collected and reviewed. Site visits are conducted and our team may attend or observe selected business activities of the organization concerned in order to glean practical information about its operation and functioning.

Stage 4: Develop

This stage involves the development of a customized solution or intervention that addresses identified needs of the organization. This may include designing an appropriate training and development solution or developing a new strategy or conducting a vision clarification session or doing a strategic planning initiative or designing a conflict resolution intervention or coming up with an intervention to improve teamwork or developing any number of unique solutions and interventions that address the needs the organization in question. Throughout this stage the leadership of the organization is kept abreast of all developments and is involved in the development of an appropriate solution or the crafting of an appropriate intervention.

Stage 5: Deploy

This is the stage of deployment of the solution or intervention identified and agreed upon as appropriate. The duration of this stage depends on the nature and type of solution or intervention being deployed. Some solutions or interventions are of shorter while others are of longer duration.  The objective of deployment is that the solution or intervention must take root and be firmly embedded in the spirit, soul and body of the organization in order for it to yield desired results. Hastily put together, micro-wave and drive-through-type solutions or interventions are nothing but a waste of precious time and resources. The solutions and interventions that we deploy must result in a paradigm shift in the way things have been done. They are designed to usher in a quantitative and qualitative change that takes an organization a new and higher dimension of operation and functioning.

Stage 6: Distil

This is the stage of consolidation and analysis of information received from stages 1 ton 5 above. We evaluate the entire service or intervention or solution recommended and deployed. We then produce relevant individual or consolidated reports as often as agreed upon with the client. Quantitative and qualitative data analysis methods are used and computer aided analysis is also done.

Stage 7: Disseminate


This is the reporting stage in terms of which prepared reports are presented to the client through appropriate client structures.