Strategic Consulting

Our stable of consultants comprises seasoned professionals who are specialists in their fields of practice. Our consultants include specialist legal practitioners, corporate governance specialists, compliance specialists, human capital development specialists, business training specialists, enterprise and supplier development specialists, specialist management consultants, business coaches and mentors, accountants, risk management specialists, specialist researchers and many more such experts.

We work with a number of like-minded persons and organizations who provide services which complement or supplement our service offering. These relationships immensely benefit our clients who, by engaging our organization, have immediate access to an extended pool and network of specialist knowledge, skills and experience. From time to time and depending on the nature of the solution and intervention recommended, we do bring in such like-minded persons and organizations to enrich our work. At all times these persons and organizations work under our auspices and are always subject to the terms and conditions of our engagement with the client.

We offer a variety of generic services that fall within our combined knowledge, skills and experience. Some of these services include but are not limited to the following:

–        Company and business formation

–        Business branding and image development

–        Business health assessment

–        Commercial, legal and business risk assessment

–        Regulatory compliance and statutory assurance

–        Commercial legal advice, negotiation and drafting

–        Corporate governance and company secretarial support

–        Due diligence evaluations  and forensic Investigations

–        Human capital recruitment and development

–        Financial accounting and tax management

–        Business training and skills development

–        Business counselling, coaching and mentoring

The actual services rendered to a client often include a refined combination of any two of more of the above broad services based on a detailed needs and risk assessment conducted using our 7D Methodology (TM)